Towards 100% Renewable Energy. New Biogas upgrading equipment has been financed by the Basque Government’s HAZITEK 2020 program.

The Biomethane Project aims to develop a range of modular, industrialisable products suitable for use in all types of biogas processing/treatment, with the objective of generating biomethane to meet the different needs existing in the current market.

Our range of biogas enrichment equipment will allow the renewable gas generated in digestion plants to be converted into biomethane suitable for vehicle use. The project is without doubt a great example of the circular economy applied to the global reduction of Greenhouse Gases.

The development of this project has made it possible for the biogas generated in the agro-livestock industry to be upgraded to biomethane, and once compressed it can be transported to refuelling stations where it will be used by natural gas vehicles, reducing its carbon footprint to a minimum.

Obtaining Biomethane by Upgrading Biogas

This system, in short, would consist of processing the biogas generated by a wastewater or organic waste treatment plant in such a way that all the elements are largely eliminated from its composition except for methane, thus obtaining a product stream that is known as “biomethane”.