Natural gas liquefaction plants

Fnxlng's flexible solution to the lng market

NBC Series Small Scale Natural Gas Liquefaction Plants

Our small scale liquefaction plants are configured in modules on skids, fully finished modular structures, which are assembled and tested in our FNXLNG manufacturing facility.

The modules are easily transportable in standard ISO containers. They contain all the necessary cabling and pipework within the unit, thus avoiding the need for pipe racks, cable trays and soil pits, making on-site assembly of the plant a simple “Plug & Play” exercise.

Our liquefaction process

Frontier natural resources natural gas liquefaction plant (USA)

Main equipment of the NBC Series plants

    • Pressure regulation, protection and general cut-off.
    • Mercury, CO2 and water removal.
    • Cooling System: Main compressor, nitrogen compressor-expander and air coolers.
    • Main heat exchanger and cold box.
    • Control system and electrical panels.
    • Nitrogen generator.

Natural Gas Sources and Liquefied Natural Gas Distribution Markets