Natural Gas Processing

Natural gas processing

Natural gas processing is an intrinsic and fundamental part of the scope of our NBC liquefaction products.

FNX supplies processing equipment for multiple other applications that require some of these services:

  • CO2 removal for natural gas by amine or adsorption.
  • Natural gas drying by Glycol or adsorption.

Experience as a starting point

Experience and Technological Innovation

At FNX we have the necessary experience to adapt the natural gas for liquefaction, where an upper limit of 50ppm of CO2 and 1ppm of H2O is required to avoid the solidification of particles in the exchanger.


The process solutions are evaluated individually depending on the application, mainly considering the amount of CO2 to be removed, the existence of other components such as H2S and the integration of regeneration waste streams.
The main proven technologies that FNX supplies are:

  • Amine system.
  • TSA/PSA adsorption system.

In both cases, the systems supplied are characterised by the fact that they are manufactured in a skid format with compact dimensions, which facilitates their installation and integration in upper plants.

Each proposal is studied in detail to optimise both process needs and economic parameters.

Nitrogen generator

FNX manufactures nitrogen generators as part of our liquefaction plants, as nitrogen is the fluid used in the refrigeration circuit, so continuous availability is required to ensure correct operation.

Thus, the accumulated experience from the operation of membranes for methane selection in our Onuragas biogas upgrading plants allows us to design and supply nitrogen generators for different capacities and qualities, depending on customer requirements.

The nitrogen selection technology is Evonik’s patented SEPURAN® N2 membrane whose polymer is specially designed for this application. Unlike other gas separation membranes, SEPURAN® N2 membranes are characterised by a very high flux capacity with an excellent air factor, resulting in optimised compression and production operating cost. In addition, a top-quality air compressor is supplied together with a dryer to condition the air to the required characteristics and the necessary storage tanks.

The whole unit is delivered fully assembled in skid/containerised format and tested for immediate installation and commissioning.

FNX supplies Plants for the Generation of Green Hydrogen by steam reforming of Biomethane (SMR) for small scale hydrogen production. As with the Biogas to Biomethane Upgrading Plants, we offer a highly modularised and standardised approach that meets the particular requirements of each project.