Customised turnkey biomethane projects

Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management expertise

Building a biomethane plant from scratch is no simple task. Our experienced engineering teams provide the Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) to deliver CycleØ’s turnkey bioCNG and bioLNG projects. This includes greenfield and brownfield projects.


Tailored solutions

Each biogas project is unique. Each site has a different layout and feedstock characteristics. We adapt our processes and equipment to fit a variety of scenarios, feedstocks and production volumes to optimise time, space, and costs.

Tailored solutions
With a proven method

Proven standardised processes

Over the past 10+ years, we have developed and refined our biomethane production processes. With a focus on continuous improvement, we are able to adapt our standardised processes and equipment to deliver reliable and efficient biomethane projects.

“We can adapt to meet the customer’s needs within the standardisation, including the product lines, feedstock composition and the volume of biogas produced. Instead of having a purely standardised product, we offer customisations that deliver optimisation and efficiency.”

Iñigo Guemes

Industrial Director

Our process

01 Project analysis

We start each project with a comprehensive study to identify specifications for optimal reliability and efficiency. 

02 Construction engineering process

During the construction engineering phase, we analyse project and site characteristics to determine our specific approach. 


03 Civil works planning

Our civil works engineering and mechanical installation teams determine what equipment is needed, where it will be located, and how it should be assembled. Then we begin implementing the project.

04 Manufacturing of biomethane equipment

We manufacture and install the required upgrading equipment, and add a liquefaction unit depending on requirements.

05 Commissioning

The final stage is the project’s commissioning. This process ensures all systems and components are installed, tested, and are operating according to CycleØ’s requirements. 

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