Biomethane Plant Operation and Maintenance

Achieving market-leading performance levels

Managed by CycleØ with technical oversight from FNX, our dedicated Operations and Maintenance (O&M) teams deliver operational excellence by maximising efficiency and minimising downtime.

We achieve exceptional performance levels by implementing rigorous O&M plans that reduce costs, improve productivity and safeguard the environment.

Comprehensive plant operation

We perform both remote and on-site operations to ensure scheduled methane production.

Tailored monitoring systems

A bespoke electronic monitoring and software system provides for remote operational and troubleshooting capabilities.

Dedicated supervision

Our onsite operations team supervises incoming feedstocks for the anaerobic digester complex and ensures that the upgrading process and biomethane production logistics operate safely and efficiently.

Comprehensive plant operation
A high standard of maintenance

A high standard of maintenance

Whether troubleshooting remotely or performing on-site maintenance, our team ensures every plant operates optimally.

Regular maintenance

We perform a tailored preventive maintenance plan. This full inspection and service includes examining the compressors, changing the oil, replacing filters and much more.

Problem solving

If any issues arise, our team is available 24/7 to diagnose and repair—both remotely and on-site.

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