Zero Emissions Target

To achieve a decarbonised energy future we must meet global emissions targets, reducing the emissions measured in 2010 by 45% by 2030. Renewable gas is a key vector in achieving this.

Natural gas, a bridge to a decarbonised energy future

CO2 emissions per unit of energy production from natural gas are typically about half those of coal.

To achieve a decarbonised energy future the gas must be carbon-free, which can be achieved by converting CH4 (natural gas – methane) into hydrogen as an energy carrier.


Towards 100% renewable energy

This is an unprecedented challenge, and FNX is ready to contribute to such valuable targets. Biomethane, as the greatest exponent of renewable gas, is obtained from the digestion of organic waste, and therefore has a zero balance of CO2 emissions. It is undoubtedly a fundamental fuel for achieving the proposed decarbonisation challenges.

Our equipment allows us to comprehensively manage any project associated with biogas. With our Biogas Upgrading Plants we produce Biomethane with a purity of more than 95%, which together with our Green Hydrogen Generation Plants that use Biomethane reforming puts us at the forefront of environmental planning in this transition to a decarbonised and strong economy.